What is Meditation?


Meditation can be a few different things depending on who you ask. But no matter how it is actually done, it’s all about intention and achieving a centered state of mind.

By definition, meditation is a practice of calming and quieting the mind in order to achieve a higher state of consciousness, mindfulness, and awareness of your energetic being. It can be guided by someone to help walk you through visualizations and mental exercises or it can be accomplished on your own in solitude. While it can be practiced in most any setting and location, a quiet room is typically the easiest and least distracting.

This is an extremely important practice to keep yourself in balance. If you have never tried it we strongly encourage you to try out our free meditation series either on our IGTV on Instagram or on our YouTube channel. They are not long at all, only about 10 minutes or so each. So check it out, try it out, and if you’d like to get into it more then feel free to book a free consultation with us and we will be happy to discuss meditation practices with you.

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