Meet the Providers

At Atoms & Auras, our health specialists are certified experts in their diverse and respective fields, and are dedicated to the health and wellness of each one of their clients. Since this journey began, we’ve been at the forefront of health and wellness throughout the world, providing the personalized guidance our clientele need to fulfill their goals. Reach out to us today and see what we can do for you.

Mackenzie Mason

Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified ThetaHealer
Certified Reiki Practitioner
Certified Spiritual Life Coach

In 2011 – began college experience at Jacksonville University as a dual major in Dance and Engineering.
2012 – added Marine Science to the majors list and became deathly ill from an unknown cause. Diagnosed with a rare jaw issue that needed immediate surgery.
2013 – had the first jaw surgery, an invasive bilateral arthroplasty that would take a minimum yearlong recovery while maintaining full times classes in all 3 majors.
2014 – still recovering from the jaw surgery and finally dropped dance major to a minor to focus on Marine Science and Engineering. At one point, she was taking 26 credits between 3 different universities. Began the transition to the University of North Florida to finish Engineering degree.
2015 – graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science from Jacksonville University and started full time at the University of North Florida for Engineering. Still recovering from the first jaw surgery, but the unknown illness seemed to be mostly under control.
2016 – graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of North Florida and set up for the second invasive jaw surgery (osteotomy) which would take a minimum 3 months to recover. At this time, she was also retroactively awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Jacksonville University. She began interning as an Assistant Project Manager for Construction at the Haskell Company.
2017 – found her love for yoga. Her college career was ending and that itself was a scary thought. School had defined her being for so long. She began practicing yoga to manage the pressures of school and health issues. It was also at the end of this transformational year that she met the love of her life, and now husband, Robert Mason.
2018 – graduated from the University of North Florida with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering – Port and Coastal. This was the first time she was not in classes of some kind in 7 years. She then left the construction side at Haskell after 2 years to explore the design side as a Civil Engineer at S&ME in Orlando, Florida. It was in Orlando that she began exploring the non-scientific side of herself. Towards the end of 2018 she began Yoga teacher training and Reiki Energy Training. This was the first time she truly focused internally, on the mind and soul and not just the logical outer and physical parts of herself.
2019 – graduated as a Registered Yoga Teacher and left her engineering job to purse the opening of Atoms & Auras.  
2020 – became Theta Healing Certified and married the love of her life, Robert Mason.

Robert Mason

Certified Reiki Master

2006 – started his career at UPS and his college education at Florida Community College at Jacksonville and decided to pursue a degree in Psychology.
2007 – promoted into management at UPS.
2008 – completed Associates Degree then transferred to University of North Florida.
2010 – graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and had served as a research assistant to the Dean of the Psychology department during his senior year.
2013 – promoted to Full-Time Management at UPS.
2015 – received another promotion at UPS and was relocated to Orlando, Florida.
2017 – finally met the love of his life and now wife Mackenzie Sanchez.
2018 – In August Robert and Mackenzie visited Costa Rica for the first time and fell in love with the land, the people, and the culture.
2019 – promoted to Manager at UPS, became a licensed commercial real estate associate, and became certified in Reiki Level I & II.
2020 – left UPS after 13 years in management to fully pursue Costa Rica Venture and commercial real estate and married Mackenzie Sanchez, then became a Certified Reiki Master.

Dana Burns

Registered Dietitian

Dana Burns is a registered dietitian in sunny south Florida. Dana holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics. She completed her dietetic internship at CalPoly in San Luis Obispo, California. 

After years of working in a clinical setting, she quit her full-time job at the beginning of the pandemic to spend more time with her newborn and to pursue her private consulting business. Dana combines her clinical expertise with a passion for holistic and alternative medicine to help clients heal their body naturally. She focuses on mindset and mindfulness with her clients as opposed to a strict diet mentality. Dana also works with people in recovery from drugs & alcohol; she is a voice in the sober community. Dana is a proponent of using essential oils, yoga, and body work to help support the body and mind.

April Mur

Certified Clinical, Interpersonal and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist
Certified Kundalini Yoga instructor

April Mur is a Certified Clinical, Interpersonal and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. She earned her certification from The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, the only state-licensed hypnotherapy school in Florida. She has completed over 500 hours of training in the most comprehensive school in the United States in 2018. She is a Kundalini Yoga instructor, trained by teachers such as Gurudass Kaur at the Siri Baba Chan Ashram and is a Pranic Healer. “Life doesn’t have to be hard”, is her motto. She brings the skills, tools, techniques and motivational personality to bring healing to your mind, body and spirit.

“Wherever you are that is where you begin”

Kathy Harris

Certified Yoga Instructor

Kathy has been a dedicated student of yoga for nearly 16 years. She has been a certified instructor since 2014. She teaches vinyasa and prenatal/postnatal yoga. She began taking yoga classes to help with anxiety. She noticed such a positive shift in her mood she started taking class consistently. Yoga was more than a physical practice it became a path to help navigate life’s challenges. It helped her find harmony mentally, physically and spiritually. She was inspired to become an instructor and share with others the benefits of yoga. Kathy has two beautiful children and is passionate about supporting parents. She enjoys

educating women in the process of preparing for birth and parenthood with yoga. She believes that yoga empowers women to discover and accept their innate wisdom and power. She helps expecting mothers cultivate a more comfortable pregnancy and functional birth through the practice of yoga. Kathy holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Barry University and was an educator for 10 years. She loves teaching and is excited about continuing to help students cultivate peace in their lives.

Jeannine Gimbel

Certified Holistic Health Coach-Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Reiki Master/Teacher-Infinite Resonance Therapy
ThetaHealing Practitioner-Odyssey Institute of Healing Arts
Spiritual Life Coach Certification-Odyssey Institute of Healing Arts
Adept Initiation-A Center for Wellness and Light

Hi, I’m Jeannine. Thank you for taking the time to check out Manifest Wellness. I run my business with the help of my husband and two kids in Orlando, FL. Manifest Wellness has been growing and evolving since 2005. When my son was a baby I would sew eye pillows, stuff them with fresh herbs and flax seeds and sell them in a local flower shop. Being a new Mom can be lonely and making these little pillows made me happy and filled my time when my son was sleeping and my husband was working. My Daughter was born a few years later and I didn’t exactly have the time I had once had with just one baby. I now had an infant and a three-year-old that was beginning to show some signs of developmental delays. During those years, I put my business on hold to care for my family. Eventually, my son was diagnosed with Autism and it ignited a passion in me to learn everything I could about helping him naturally. We completely changed the foods we ate and the products we used. I started learning how to make our own body and wellness products using simple ingredients, essential oils and herbs. As my passion grew I spent time managing a Health Food Store where I learned about herbs and supplements and taking classes in my spare time first in Nutrition and eventually in Spirituality and Energy Healing. These classes changed my life! I realized that what goes on energetically within the body is incredibly important. Stuck or stagnant energy from things like emotions, guilt, old trauma can cause illness or disease just as food and other toxins could. I learned the importance of self-care and regular energy clearing. My kids are now teenagers and I’ve jumped back into my business creating products that help other families on their wellness journey. I also enjoy working with my clients doing energy healing. It’s my passion to help people live a more healthy, happy Holistic life.