Reiki is a healing technique that channels universal life energy through the healer to the patient to activate natural healing processes to restore physical and emotional well-being.  Some refer to this universal energy as Xi, or Chi.  Every living thing is connected by this universal life energy, and once one has become attuned to access the source of this energy the possibilities are endless.  Sessions can be held either in-person with the touch of the hand or remotely through virtual technology or phone.

$ 85

Energy healing session (virtual)

A healing session utilizing Qi (Chi) energy

$ 140

Relax & Refill with Reiki Session

This is a great starting place on the path to physical, mental and emotional healing as well as spiritual understanding.

$ 195

Reiki level 1 certification class

We offer 3 courses for becoming a Certified Reiki Energy Healer

$ 195

Reiki level 2 certification class

The second class in a series of 3 to become a certified energy healer.

$ 600

Reiki master certification class

The third and final class in the series of 3 to become a Reiki Master.