Dietetics is the study of diet and its effect on health, and applied with the scientific understanding of nutrition.  A dietitian is a regulated healthcare professional that is licensed to alter a patient’s nutrition through assessment, diagnoses, and treatment based on their individual medical conditions and needs.

$ 150

Dietetic consultation (virtual)


$ 375

Dietetic consulting – 1 month package

Need help getting your diet on track? This program can help!

$ 975

Dietetic consulting – 3 month package

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Meet your Dietitian


Dana Burns is a registered dietitian in sunny south Florida. Dana holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics. She completed her dietetic internship at CalPoly in San Luis Obispo, California. 
After years of working in a clinical setting, she quit her full-time job at the beginning of the pandemic to spend more time with her newborn and to pursue her private consulting business. Dana combines her clinical expertise with a passion for holistic and alternative medicine to help clients heal their body naturally. She focuses on mindset and mindfulness with her clients as opposed to a strict diet mentality. Dana also works with people in recovery from drugs & alcohol; she is a voice in the sober community. Dana is a proponent of using essential oils, yoga, and body work to help support the body and mind.