ATOMS & AURAS Wellness that is both scientific and holistic. FOR BODY AND MIND Heal physical, emotional, and spiritual distress with scientific and holistic modalities through our virtual wellness community.

Welcome to Atoms & Auras Wellness Community

Heal physical, emotional, and spiritual distress with scientific and holistic modalities through our virtual wellness community.

Take a VIRTUAL COURSE or book a FREE CONSULTATION today to see how we can help and which modality is the best fit for you!

  • REIKI Energy Healing

  • Facial/Skincare & Supplements

  • ThetaHealing & Yoga

  • Dietetics & Hynotherapy

If you keep fighting the struggle without help, you may continue to feel:


Exhausted, depressed, or lost in life


Decay in your relationships or overwhelmed by your career


Disconnected from the best version of yourself

With all of the healing modalities we offer, we know you will experience positive changes like:


Achieving true happiness and gain assurance that you are on the right path


Thriving relationships and success in your career


Unlocking your true potential and being the best you!

Do any of these apply to you?


Do you ever ask yourself “How did I end up here?”


Are you constantly fighting physical ailments and mental battles?


Do you have more bad days than good days?

I am ready for help

It's okay! We've been in your shoes. We found a way out, and now we are here to help you.

Our experience and knowledge of various modalities allow us to help determine which path is right foryou. We are here every step of the way through your healing journey:

  • Book a FREE consult to get help deciding which modality is the best fit for you

  • Get connected with a practitioner and begin your healing journey

  • Transform your life into the life you deserve!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get started and how do I decided what's best for me?

Book a free consultation and we will get you started on your transformational journey! We know it can be overwhelming with so much out there, so we take the guess work out of healing and help you decide what method or path is the best fit for you!

Can services really be done virtually?

Yes!! All services can be offered virtually, from the safety of your own home. We have found that virtual healings can be just as strong if not, more powerful, without the distractions of new envirionments for our clients.

Are the practitioners certified?

YES, all of our practitioners are all professionally certified, licensed, and approved! We include a picture and a short bio about each of our practitioners if you would like to learn more about them on the services pages.

Is there anyway to try some of these out before I commit to purchasing?

Absolutely! We offer all sorts of free tips, advice, and practices through our social media outlets that you can try on your own at home!


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