The Placebo Effect

The Placebo effect has been applied in scientific studies and also been the subject of study for quite some time now. According to the scientific world exactly how it works is still a mystery but I think most of us know the secret. The power behind this phenomenon is the BELIEF that your state or condition can be altered. Since a placebo is nothing more than an inactive substance such as a blank sugar pill, what the Placebo effect demonstrates is we have the power within ourselves to alter our state with our minds! This effect still works even when the person taking the placebo is aware that they are taking a placebo! Isn’t that incredible?!? Anyone can try this and apply it to their life. Feel free to replace the standard placebo sugar pill with anything, a food item, a meal, a thought, an affirmation, anything! Just imagine you being transformed to your peak state every time you consume or “process” whatever placebo replacement it is that you are using. YOU have the power to change your LIFE!

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