Power of Plant-Based Nutrition Series

Power of Plant-Based Nutrition Series


7 Cooking Classes Focused on Nutritional Topics of a Plant-Based Diet:

  • Episode 1: Intro to a Plant-Based Diet
  • Episode 2: Protein
  • Episode 3: Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Episode 4: Vitamin B-12
  • Episode 5: Zinc
  • Episode 6: Vitamin D
  • Episode 7: Iron
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A plant-based diet can be very beneficial and provide the body a clean and healthy source of nutrients. Of course there are several important nutrient gaps that can occur if not addressed properly with plant-based alternatives which is what inspired us to create this series. Learn from certified dietitian Dana Burns as she teaches you how to ensure you are still getting all the nutrients you need in your daily diet.

By taking this course you will learn valuable information about various nutrients and how to make sure you are still getting them through your plant-based meals, while learning a few quick and simple recipes to help you meal prep or cook a healthy meal for your family.


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