Mind-Body Reset Series

Mind-Body Reset Series


5 Kundalini-inspired Yoga/Meditation Classes:

  • Episode 1: Focus, Calm, and Confidence
  • Episode 2: Emotional Balance and Strength
  • Episode 3: Aura Balance and Strength
  • Episode 4: Pick-your-own Meditation:
    • Ver. 1: I Am Meditation
    • Ver. 2: Conquer Ego Meditation
    • Ver. 3: Intuition Alignment Meditation
  • Episode 5: Chakra Energize and Alignment


This Kundalini Yoga-inspired series is intended to give your mind, body and spirit a total reset so you can approach life at your peak.  Each class dives into specific areas of your mind and body leaving you fully refreshed at the end of the course. Our certified wellness partner April Mur brings vibrant and positive energy to the table as she guides you through each exercise.

April is certified in Kundalini Yoga as well as Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, which inspired her to create this unique series. Her instruction is easy for the most basic beginners to understand so don’t worry if you don’t know anything about Kundalini or hypnotherapy practices. Just relax and allow April’s bright spirit to guide you through this mind-body reset journey!


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